MAVERICK PARENT APP has been developed for the benefit of parents. Parents can be notified and can see the realtime location of the school buses of their children on their mobile phones through the app.  They can receive various types of alerts about the bus location and the updated schedule of their child.


  1. How does MAVERICK PARENT APP work?

Each driver or attendant in the bus is provided with a smartphone tablet with a pre-installed app. Once they select a particular route, parents on the same route can also track the bus. Once the route is completed, attendants are supposed to logout of the application, which will disable the tracking.


  1. How do the alert noficication work?

Alerts regarding the school bus location will be notified in your registered account. Alerts about the location of the bus before it reaches your stop (Distance Alert) and  Alerts about bus reaching school in the morning and leaving school in the afternoon (Pick / Drop Alerts are automatically sent to the parents. School / Bus Operator can send event based alerts from their portal or mobile.


  1. Will the notifications that I’ll receive be real-time?


  1. How can I contact the school bus driver / attendant while in transit?

You can contact the school bus driver / attendant from your app on their personal number in case of any urgency. You can also contact the school /school transport coordinator.


  1. What are the Benefits of MAVERICK PARENT APP for parents?

    Parents can have the following benefits by using MAVERICK PARENT APP:
  • Parents will not be impatiently waiting for the bus to arrive if there are any delays.
  • Parents will not call anymore the bus attendants just to ask where is their location, because they will be notified already if the bus is approaching to their stop location.
  • Parents will feel secure and will have a peace of mind.
  • MAVERICK PARENT APP can be used for more than one (1) child
  • Parents will be aware on the updated schedule of the child.


  1. Where can I download the MAVERICK PARENT APP?



  1. How can I register to MAVERICK PARENT APP?
  • You need to fill up the form in our website.


  1. Can both parents will receive a notification?


  1. Can I add my nanny So that she can receive notification as well?


10. If I’m out of the country can I still receive a notification?


11. I cannot see the details or schedule of my child, what to do?

If you cannot see the schedule or details of your child all you need to do is update the said App. (HOW TO TROUBLE SHOOT)

12. I downloaded the App but all I can see is a blank screen.

13. How to Log in? (attachment)

14. Is the MAVERICK PARENT APP Secure?