Fully Managed Outsource Services

Outsourcing has proved successful in almost all cases where schools have partnered with private companies to provide transportation. While maintaining control over transportation through contract stipulations, school administrators who convert to contracted transportation are able to redirect both energies and resources to their future core function & education. Reasons to consider contracted transportation vary but often fall into one of the following categories:

  • Increased control of transportation costs
  • Relief from liability exposures
  • Avoidance of major capital expenditures
  • A strict preventive maintenance program
  • Regular surveys of satisfaction
  • Routing and scheduling expertise
  • Student discipline management
  • Detailed billing and budgeting information
  • Freedom from payroll and complicated personnel issues
  • Modern Fleet


Approved RTA Yellow Buses With Trained RTA Drivers

We provide RTA approved buses and uniform drivers on three year contract basis with fuel, back up drivers and buses to ensure smooth and safe running of your school transportation. Overall you will manage your transportation and we will take care of buses, back up drivers, back up buses, fuel, maintenance, RTA Training and compliance with RTA rules and regulations.


Special Transportation Services

We provide safe and secure transportation services from school to various destination during field trip and charter trip activities of the school. We will take care of school transportation requirement during summer school and camp services.