Students, Parents/Guardians Responsibilities:

  1. To pick up/drop off their children from/to the school bus or assembly point 5 minutes before time. In case of any delay on their part, the parents must pick up/drop off their child/ children to the school without any responsibility on the part of MAVERICK. If the parents wish MAVERICK to leave their child/children unattended, the parents should sign the WAVER FORM.
  2. The driver shall have the right to return the student to the school if nobody is waiting at home/drop off point. The responsibility of the financial consequences resulting from such action shall be assumed by the parents/guardians.
  3. To provide assistance in training and making the children aware of the importance of traffic safety and of how to wait for and ride on the school bus in a disciplined and orderly way.
  4. To inform the School Administration and the Transport Company of any complaints about driver and bus assistant.
  5. The student shall observe the cleanliness of the bus.
  6. School Administration or Transport Company may exclude any student from the use of school transport services due to any of the following reasons :
    1. If a student causes delay of the trip more than three times in one school year.
    2. If a student violates any safety rule and endangers the other’s lives during the trip.
    3. If a student refuses to board and ride the bus from a students’ assembly point previously approved by the Transport Company.
    4. If a student leaves the bus before reaching his designated place without prior permission.
    5. If a student continues causing disturbance and three written complaints are filed against him during one school year.
  7. Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus; however, they may consume water.
  8. Students must sit on allocated seats. Changing of seats is not allowed.
  9. It is not allowed to ask a driver for his mobile number nor call him on his mobile. Calls should only be made to bus assistant or designated transport supervisor. “Missed calls” will not be attended to.
  10. Parents should not communicate directly with the bus driver / bus assistant of their child/children’s bus, with regards to any temporary or permanent change in the mode of transportation from the school. Such requests are to be routed ONLY through our designated transport supervisor or through the school reception.
  11. Changes in address and telephone numbers should be notified to the School and Transport Company one month prior to the change in address. However, the transport company is not obliged to re-route the bus to the new address if in their opinion such a change will delay the bus.
  12. Any changes in the route / timings/ bus number will be communicated by the transport company to the parents beforehand.
  13. For quick and satisfactory resolution, all matters of emergency should be brought to the attention of the Transport Company Representative.
  14. Permanent or temporary discontinuation of the school transportation services must be notified to the Transport Company one week prior to the end date.
  15. Under no circumstances are parents allowed to ride in the bus.
  16. Parents / Guardians shall bear all expenses towards cleaning / replacement of accessories damaged due to lack of discipline or acts of vandalism by their children.
  17. Children with contagious disease and movement sickness are not permitted to travel in the bus.
  18. All MAVERICK vehicles, drivers and passengers are insured. In case of any claim due to accident, the company’s liability is limited to the comprehensive compensation paid by the insurance company, as per the terms of the insurance policy.
  19. No student is allowed to board the bus without ID Card (OPTIONAL: RFID CARD) for the Electronic Attendance. This system is for the safety and security monitoring purpose of your children.
  20. MAVERICK and RTA standard terms & conditions apply. 

    If the bus is running late, you may phone the bus assistant. Exact time keeping cannot be guaranteed due to traffic congestion. MOBILE APP: Parents to receive latest attendance and bus status about their child (children) on mobile phone.

    Transport Company will have full freedom in terms of route planning Routes to be approved by the SCHOOL.


    Payment and Fees 


    A/C Name:               Maverick Passenger Transport LLC

    Account No.:             101-14827115-01

    IBAN:                        AE780260001011482711501

    Bank:                         Emirates NBD

    Branch:                     Al Quoz Branch, Dubai, UAE

    Transfer Details:      Student’s Name and Grade

      1. Cheques made payable to “MAVERICK PASSENGER


    1. An administrative charge of AED 250 will incur in the case of a cheque being returned by the bank / cheque replacement / any alteration in the payment plan. Cash only will be accepted. The Transport Company will not accept responsibility for any returned cheque. Please keep record of your cheques issued and make sure that the amount of the cheque is honoured by sufficient funds.
    2. Cheques are payments made. The Transport Company will not hold cheques for any reason. All cheques will be deposited to the company bank account upon receipt.

    Terms and Conditions for using transport service may change without prior notice in order to meet RTA and government rules and regulations as well as in line with Transport Company’s policy.